Make Your Own TV Programe


What you will need:

• A video camera
• Some props
• A location
• Paper and pen
• Some people

Step 1: Have an idea
All good programs come from a good idea. Get together with all your production team and start writing down everybody's ideas and decide on the best one or mix everybody's ideas together to make an even better one!

Step 2: Everyone needs a job
Decide what everyone in your team is going to do. you may need:

• Writers / Producers
Its the writers job to turn the story into a script (this is the lines your actors have to say in the story). Its your job to help your actors remember their lines whilst filming and to help them understand how their characters feel in different parts of the story.

A camera Person
The camera persons job is to do the filming, well obviously!, but its a good idea to have someone who has used a camera before, if not, that's okay. This is all about learning how to make your own program after all isn't it!

A director
The director makes sure everything is going to plan and going the way it should, if this is your job you get to say all the cool things like "Action!", "Cut" , "That's a rap" and sit in the directors chair.

The actors pretend to be the characters or presenters in the program and act out the script.

Costume, set and prop designers
Its the designers job to get the right costumes for the characters and make the props and set to fit in with the story. This can be from finding things around your home or making things from cardboard and glue.

If there is not enough people in your team to all of the jobs, each person can do more than one job each or everyone can have ago at everything, it's up to you its your program!

Step 3: Write the story:
The next thing to do is write a story from your great idea. Everyone can help do this if they want. Remember to write it down!, you can write it a bit like a story book if you like, even draw sketches if you want to help you remember.

The story then needs to be made into a script. These are the actual words that your actors say in the story. See the example below.

John walks into the room

John - 'hello every one'

Tracy - 'Hello John'

Sarah - ' Hi John'

Tracy picks up a book off the table

Tracy - 'Have you read this book John?'

John - 'No I Haven't'

Tracy - 'It's a very good book!'

When your script is finished, photocopy it and give it out to your actors. The actors need to decide which characters they are playing and learn their lines.

Step 4: Put pictures to your story
The next stage is to put pictures to your story, this is called the Story board. The story board helps you plan how you are going to film your story and helps you plan each scene. The best way to make a story board is imagine how it is going to look and then turn it into a comic strip with each box in your comic strip being each scene (or every time the camera angle changes) in your program.

Step 5: Film your story
Now that you have done all the hard work planning your program its time to make your story. So get your camera follow your story board and shoot away!