BD4 - Crime & Conscience


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A modern day version of the highwayman story focussing on the consequences of crime.

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  1. Under Arrest for a BRILLIANT VIDEO!

    Posted by Cameron - Education Bradford Work Experience Student on 19th Apr 2011

    BD4 - Crime & Conscience Review

    Ryecroft Primary School have shown a true understanding of Crime & Conscience, they have used brilliant concentration on the subject and were very informative, and I know that acting in front of cameras isnt easy, especially when your young, it can be very nerve wracking.

    The children started off by showing what crimes were caused many years ago, showing the different punishments what where given in the 1700’s, to the punishments that are given theese days and the change in crimes as well.

    I mostly enjoyed the magistrates court for the bank robbery crime; the children acted like mature adults and learned what it is like in a court, a judge, a jury, the victim, and the criminals. The victim was told to tell the judge about the criminals and the jury had to decide if the criminals where proven guilty or not guilty.

    Likewise, I enjoyed the beginning where the children were able to understand how criminals were treated differently to how they are these days, and I believe that their understanding was more than achieved as they acted their parts brilliantly, they used good facial expressions and eye contact to the other pupils.

    A brilliant video and I would love to see the children acting again, you guys showed bravery and honesty, I can see the great effort in all of you, a job well done :)

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